La nostra sede

The Telecommunications sector has grown and developed rapidly for more than 20 years, so that all the Network Operators have sought partners capable of offering technologically advanced and reliable solutions, able to resolve any technical difficulty in the implementation of their own Networks.

In such a dynamic and complex scenery was founded AEA in 1999 (today Ethra Tech), and thanks to investments in R&D and qualified personnel, has become a modern industrial reality in very few years.

The company has developed with the market and from the beginning it was able to guarantee quality, reliability, the search for new solutions and service to the customer.

Technological innovation, continuous training of personnel, team work, immediate response to the needs of the market, are the elements that Ethra Tech has emphasised and continued to emphasise in order to satisfy the needs of the various sectors; all of this has ensured a good level of competitiveness both from a technical and economic point of view.

Operating in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, achieving excellent results in the design and production of devices for the control of temperature in technological premises and the like, Ethra Tech has over the years developed products also for markets outside the Telecommunications sector. Thanks to a qualified organization, the company today can offer a wide range of air conditioning appliances.

In the productive area Ethra Tech supplies refrigeration systems for:

  • Telecommunications
  • Data Processing Centres
  • Industrial environments
  • Automotive refrigeration
  • For indoor and outdoor cabinets

It Main Office is located in Umbria in Massa Martana, and thanks to partnerships with selected companies of the sector Ethra Tech has succeeded in covering the entire country with direct or indirect personnel. Covering the country enables us to guarantee on-site technical service within few hours.

Moreover, since 2010 the company has produced and assembled integrated Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets. Cabinets for which it is necessary to eliminate the heat generated by the internal devices, by means of systems of integrated refrigeration or elimination by air dissipation or extraction when the environmental conditions allow it. Such cabinets are designed and supplied, if requested, complete with power supply, electric system and batteries

As regards the Future of the company, there will be a consolidation of its own position in the markets which see it as one of the main air conditioner suppliers, as well as a development towards Foreign Markets. Creating new collaboration with foreign local companies with the aim of providing high quality products and services.