PLANNINGPRODUCINGINSTALLING and PROVIDING SERVICING to the customer during all the work phases represents ETHRATECH’s business MISSION.

Ethra Tech  is able to develop CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS even for requests for a limited number of units, in order to meet increasingly specific requirements. Business FLEXIBILITY’ enables us to “CUSTOMIZE” the product according to the installation needs of the customer. The added value of the solutions proposed lies in a research and development team capable of interacting with the customer during each planning phase.

In this respect Ethra Tech offers itself as a top level partner from an economic, productive and organizational point of view.

Thanks to partnership with numerous leading companies in the electronics and air conditioning sectors, ETHRATECH has at its disposal innovative systems for the supply of its products that allow the customer always to keep up with the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

Ethra Tech  considers research activity to be fundamental. Such activity is developed both in collaboration with research laboratories (Private, public or University Bodies) and within the company where the planning, engineering and testing of the products is carried out.
In recent years particular attention has been dedicated to the search for solutions for Energy Saving and Noise reduction.

To complete the MISSION we have the TECHNICAL TRAINING of the customer, so that the results obtained by our research are then passed on to our customers technical courses through organized by Ethra Tech .
Ethra Tech  regularly organizes for our partners, at the Massa Martana branch, technical courses regarding the machines, their installation and maintenance.