Qualità e ambiente

Achieving excellence is the main aim of the business Functions: from research and development to planning, from production to distribution and technical assistance.

The ISO9001 certification, is the result of the company’s desire to satisfy globally any request from any customer.

In the area of production each stage is controlled methodically and constantly by expert and qualified personnel, from the raw materials to the final tests. All the products are analysed one by one before being released for the customer.

Thanks to all of this Ethra Tech is able to guarantee high qualitative standards in all phases of project realization.

Ethra Tech operates according to an integrated Quality, Environment, Safety System developing products with the least environmental impact that respect people and the environment, making each day better than the one before.

  • All Ethra Tech products are guaranteed MADE IN ITALY, and comply with all the regulations in force on the international market.

In recent years the design of new machines has dedicated particular attention to air conditioners that function:

  • using ecological refrigerant gases such as R407C and R134a
  • saving energy
  • avoiding noise pollution (maximum noise reduction)