Split air conditioning units air cooled type, ideals for installations inside room, shelter for radio base station and data processing centre.

The «vertical» air conditioner has the characteristic to have small dimensions, it can installed on the wall and can be equipped with free-cooling system (SF mod.).

The part of the free-cooling can be installed on the machine (standard) or as a separate block (on request)

Technical Features

  • External Unit with mainframe made of steel and panels in aluminum
  • Internal Unit with mainframe an panels made of aluminum
  • High corrosion resistant
  • Electrical board with external interface user panel
  • Automatic restart after absence power supply
  • The fans of the evaporation section have a variable speed in accordance with the evaporation pressure
  • The fans of the condensation section have a variable speed in accordance with the condensation pressure
  • 48Vdc air treatment section
  • Eu3 class air filter


On request we can supply the following accessories:

  • Free-cooler kit
  • Copper duct kit (mt.6 – mt12)
  • Anti-vibrating kit






unità esterna split inverter


flussi split a parete