Raffreddamento cabinetThis type of solution is ideal for the cooling of electrical boards and similar and includes air conditioning systems and heat exchangers. Air conditioning The wide range of types of air conditioner allows various modes of installation:

  • on the roof (ROOF series);
  • horizontally on external walls (ORZ series);
  • mounted vertically on external walls (AL series);

It operates on the basis of the principle of the cooling cycle, that is, of the transfer of heat through a fluid (refrigerant) which absorbs heat in the evaporator and gives up heat to the condenser, all of which takes place in a hermetically closed circuit. The fluid is driven by an electrically activated compressor. All the models have a forced air condenser and evaporator, equipped with radial ventilators to improve performance and the uniformity of the temperature inside the cabinet facilitating the cooling of it; they are moreover equipped with a system that regulates the temperature and a large number of accessories that make them adaptable to performing several functions. 

Heat exchanges 

The thermal exchange units are of the packaged type, designed and produced expressly for the elimination of heat in electrical panels and the like. Built to be installed on the outer walls of the electrical panel (wall mounted); their conformation makes them suitable for a large number of applications. It operates on the basis of the principle of heat exchange between air flows, without mixing, by means of an aluminium cross flow battery. All the models are equipped with radial ventilators in order to bring about the forced convective movements that carry away the heat; they are also equipped with a temperature regulation system and a large number accessories that make them adaptable to performing several functions.