Sale CEDThe packaged air conditioners for internal use of the data processing centres series, are ideal for installation in rooms, that house a lot of equipment rooms.

The air conditioners using air exploit the evaporation and expansion of gas to cool the treated air which is introduced into the rooms, while the water solution exploits water cooled externally which, after being introduced into the air conditioner, is conveyed into the rooms.

The structure can be supplied with a single or double door according to the refrigerating capacity require

Air conditioners for data processing centres can be equipped with or without free-cooling. In the versions with free-cooling, the air taken from the outside can be channelled by positioning the conveyance channel in the upper high part or in the rear high part according to requirements.

The process air can be conveyed in various ways:

  • from below horizontally by displacement (DISPLACEMENT) – Air taken in from above (on roof), conveyed downwards frontally, low speed
  • from below horizontally (CONVENTIONAL) – Air taken in from above (on roof), conveyed downwards frontally
  • downwards vertically (UNDER FLOOR) – Air taken in from above (on roof), conveyed downwards under floor
  • upwards (HIGH-FRONT) – Air taken in from below frontally, conveyed upwards (to roof)