Air conditioners with Inverter technology make it possible to obtain considerable energy saving with advantages also in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort; specifically, the regulation of temperature is obtained by means of variation of the rotation speed of the compressor.

This solution has many advantages:

  • Temperature and humidity are kept absolutely constant throughout the day, regardless of the outside temperature.
  • The compressor absorbs only the necessary current which, after a brief period of settlement, maintains itself at about 20-30% of the maximum consumption.. This makes it possible to use also 3 machines at the same time as a large electrical appliance such as a washing machine, cooker, dish-washer, etc. with a normal contract of 3.3 KW/hour.
  • By never switching off the compressor the consumption due to lack of efficiency of the refrigerating cycle in the first minutes after starting is annulled.
  • The temperature of the outgoing air (in completely automatic functioning) is regulated in such a way as to ensure a relative humidity of 50%.
  • General consumption is reduced by 30% compared to TRADITIONAL AIR CONDITIONERS
  • The plant is absolutely “usable” also in the intermediate seasons such as May and September, the months in which TRADITIONAL AIR CONDITIONERS are not used optimally in that when the compressor is first switched on, it already produces too much cold and is therefore forced to remain switched off for long periods with the consequent impossibility of removing the humidity present in the environment.
  • Being able to operate the compressor at a speed 130% of the typical one, provides the advantage of having a machine with refrigerant potential equal to that of the superior model in the traditional version. This results in a much more rapid intervention when it is really necessary, and reduces the price difference introduced by a decidedly more advanced technology. Inverter machines cost and perform approximately like traditional machines of a superior type, but without all their disadvantages.
  • Nearly all manufacturers produce inverter machines in the HEAT PUMP version only, with the advantage therefore of being able to heat in the winter period.

The ASC2011 controller installed on the air conditioners to manage its functioning also controls simultaneously free-cooler and free-cooling systems, ensuring control of the whole air-conditioning process in technological premises and the like where, in addition to guaranteeing all of the above, it ensures high levels of reliability.

The large number of inlets and outlets make the ASC2011 almost as flexible as a PLC even though it is a dedicated electronic device.

A solution that was designed to make possible ENERGY SAVING even on those sites where air-conditioners without free-cooling system have been previously installed.

The unit includes: an air intake system (free-cooler ventilator) and an air extraction system (over pressure shut-off dampers).