High technology

and respect for environment

Ethra Tech was formed in 1999 in the dynamic and complex scenery of Telecommunications that has grown and developed rapidly so that all the Network Operators have sought partners capable of offering technologically advanced and reliable solutions, able to resolve any technical difficulty in the implementation of their own Networks.

The company has developed with the market and from the beginning it was able to guarantee quality, reliability, the search for new solutions and service to the customer.

Ethratech Main Office is located in Umbria in Massa Martana, and thanks to partnerships with selected companies of the sector Ethra Tech has succeeded in covering the entire country with direct or indirect personnel. Covering the country enables us to guarantee on-site technical service within few hours.

As regards the Future of the company, there will be a consolidation of its own position in the markets which see it as one of the main air conditioner suppliers, as well as a development towards Foreign Markets. Creating new collaboration with foreign local companies with the aim of providing high quality products and services.
In the productive area Ethra Tech supplies refrigeration systems for:

• Telecommunications
• Data Processing Centres
• Railway industry
• Autostrada
• Industrial environments
• Automotive refrigeration


PLANNING, PRODUCING, INSTALLING and SUPPORT the customer during all the work phases represents ETHRA TECH’s business MISSION.

Ethra Tech  is able to develop CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS even for requests for a limited number of units, in order to meet increasingly specific requirements. Business FLEXIBILITY enables us to “CUSTOMIZE” the product according to the installation needs of the customer. The added value of the solutions proposed lies in a research and development team capable of interacting with the customer during each planning phase.
In this respect Ethra Tech offers itself as a top level partner from an economic, productive and organizational point of view.

Thanks to partnership with numerous leading companies in the electronics and air conditioning sectors, Ethra Tech has at its disposal innovative systems for the supply of its products that allow the customer always to keep up with the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

Ethra Tech  considers research activity to be fundamental. Such activity is developed both in collaboration with research laboratories (Private, public or University Bodies) and within the company where the planning, engineering and testing of the products is carried out.
In recent years particular attention has been dedicated to the search for solutions for Energy Saving and Noise reduction.

Ethra Tech has developed ventilation systems, supply and extract, that can operate either independently or in combination with any air conditioner. The combined system reduces energy consumption considerably. The entire system is completely managed by electronics developed by the company, hardware and software is ‘customised’ to the customer’s requirements.
To complete the MISSION we have the TECHNICAL TRAINING of the customer, so that the results obtained by our research are then passed on to our customers technical courses through organized by Ethra Tech .
Ethra Tech  regularly organizes for our partners, at the Massa Martana branch, technical courses regarding the machines, their installation and maintenance.
Quality and environment

Achieving excellence is the main aim of the business Functions: from research and development to planning, from production to distribution and technical assistance.
The ISO9001,  ISO14001 and ISO45001 certification, is the result of the company’s desire to satisfy globally any request from any customer.

In the area of production each stage is controlled methodically and constantly by expert and qualified personnel, from the raw materials to the final tests. All the products are tested one by one before being released for the customer.
Thanks to all of this Ethra Tech is able to guarantee high qualitative standards in all phases of project realization.

Ethra Tech operates according to an integrated Quality, Environment, Safety System developing products with the least environmental impact that respect people and the environment, making each day better than the one before.

• All Ethra Tech products are guaranteed MADE IN ITALY, and comply with all the regulations in force on the international market.

In recent years, design has focused on developing systems that respect the environment and minimise environmental impact.

• using ecological refrigerant gases such as R454C, R513A and R1234yf
saving energy
• avoiding noise pollution (maximum noise reduction)

Ethra Tech has a consolidated experience with the main Telecommunications Operators in Italy and Abroad, obtaining the homologation of its own solutions by Customers like TELECOM ITALIA, WIND, ORANGE, VODAFONE, RAIWAY, ADIF and others.
Tens of thousands of solutions with our air conditioners testify to Ethra Tech leadership in this sector.

Ethra Tech works both in Italy and abroad as a strategic partner of the main Technology Providers, like ERICSSON NETWORKS, NOKIA SOLUTIONS, HUAWEI, ZTE.
Moreover, it produces appliances of low refrigerant power for the refrigeration of cabinets and power panels.

Many operators who work in the industrial sector, in particular siderurgy, have chosen to install our line of products inside foundries or other exacting environments in which very high temperatures and the problem of dust particles are found.

In the past, thanks to collaboration with the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE and the ITALIAN ARMY, Ethra Tech has supplied air conditioners for military applications, for the cooling of shelters and technological rooms.
The company is able to provide pre- and post-sale services also Abroad, through qualified partners.