ECF With Free Cooling

Pubblicato il 14/09/2022

AE EF_CP (with free cooling)

Outdoor packaged air conditioning units air cooled type, ideals for installations inside room, shelter for radio base station and data processing centre.

The adjustment of the temperature can be achieved of the cooling capacity variation of the air conditioner through Inverter technology(rotation speed variation of compresor).

The air conditioning units AE EF_CP series are convetional type. The cooling air is taken from the central zone and sent down.
This equipment is   provided   with free-cooling. The   free-cooling system consists of air change plant, from outside to inside and vice versa, getting a significant energy savings when weather conditions permit.

The air conditioners are equipped with internal controller and temperature and pressure probes, that allow to get an independent or coordinated “cooling system”, assuring a complete redundance of all the control and conditioning functions.

The monobloc are provided with remote interface user panel for the manage of commands and controls, complete with disconnectors, with internal electrical protection for overcurrent.

The line of outdoor air conditioning units includes cooling powers of 5_8_10_14 Kw both single-phase and three-phase.